Let’s do this.


Mint and Yellow Floral National Hug Day Social Media Graphic

My name is Carolleevana and I like long walks on the beach…. hahaha just kidding. I honestly do not know how to start this intro page without it sounding date-site-e. What I really wanted to do was to just start with a post, but, my lovely friend and co-worker told me that I “had to at least introduce myself” before posting anything else. Sooooo here I am… introducing myself.

Hello, and nice to meet you. -awkward wave-

Now that we got that out of the way, let me talk about what you could possible find in my posts to come just so your not caught off guard. This Blog is not really going to have much of an underlying theme. It’s mostly going to be about the things I like to enjoy, such as: Coffee, Food, Make-up, and Life in general. I hope by sharing the things that I love can inspire whom ever is reading, to try new things and possibly find something that they end up liking. So, if I had to choose a theme for my blog I would say it falls under the lines of a Life Style Blog with a hint of Food critic, a dash of Beauty guru and a garnish of Inspirational/Motivational poetic-ness. 

So welcome strangers to my blog. 


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