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Your Space (1)

…. -slowly opens door and peeks inside- sorry I’m late, is the party still on?

Yes, I am aware that it has been quite some time since my initial introduction page, and truthfully, I have no valid excuse. I just kept putting it off and choosing more sleep and Netflix rather than sitting down and writing some material for my blog. Which to some may very be a valid excuse- no judgement here- but now, I’ve settled down at a cute coffee shop with an awesome drip coffee and a tasty savory croissant, YUM! I will get this done even if means eating all the croissants they have in the shop!!! Hahaha, ok, ok. No more stalling let’s do this!

Your Space; now don’t get confused, I’m not talking about your ‘personal’ space aka your bubble, no, what I mean by your space is the tangible space that you occupy for more than a few hours. It can be your office/cubicle, your room or dorm, your shared desk, and so on. Most of the time when we first encounter this so-called space it’s in a “naked” state. Meaning, it’s sporting the bare essentials or nothing at all. Now, to some the bare necessities or the ‘Naked state’ can affect a person in one of four ways:

1: It’s necessary- meaning that what the job deems is necessary to keep a bare and minimal space for safety reasons or security reasons.

2: Not allowed- Due to strict policies or rules established, personal decorations or modifications are not allowed.

3: Doesn’t bother- To some people the bare necessities don’t bother them or they actual prefer a minimalism work/personal space that’s free of clutter or ‘un-necessary’ items.

4: It bothers- the lack of personalization to a space negatively affects a person’s state of mind, emotions, and even physical state.

Personally, I fall under number four. I’m a very visual and colorful person and the ‘Naked State’ bothers me to a point that it starts to affect my mental and emotional health. My room has always had a theme and when I became older and started to earn my own money, my decor changed every season. My cousin teases me about how many comforters, sheets, and throw blankets I have and how often I changed them. But, it doesn’t bother me my room is a manifestation of my state of mind. Seeing my space reflecting unto me the positive creation from within gives me so much satisfaction. Now that I’m an adult and working my adult job – superman pose- this creative outlet spilled over to my job.

For some context, I work at a call center and was assigned a modest sized cubicle. At the beginning I really didn’t know if I could personalize my space. I didn’t see anyone on my floor with much ‘decoration’ to their cubicle, plus, I had just starting and didn’t want to jinx anything. So, I left it bare. Within three months I started to notice changes in my mood throughout the work day. Now take into account that I am working a full eight-hour day, I wake up, get ready go to work, and sit there for a big chunk of the day. It didn’t help that my companies color scheme for the cubicles where different shades of grey- thankfully the top dividers were glass-. My mood started to dip right around the middle of the work day. Since I started in the fall the days where shorter, so at the end of the workday it was already night out. I started to feel a slight depression and would become more irritable and stressed, especially after a more ‘difficult’ call. I needed something within my work space to ground me and lift my spirit whenever I was feeling down or to keep me calm during a more intricate call.

I started off small, I brought in my chakra tree necklace that I didn’t wear and had it hanging from the glass. That was my only decoration for a good two weeks or so, then with one trip to Ross- BOOM! I decked out my office space. I know you can’t see me but I’m giggling while I write this because it has just dawned on me that I went from zero to a hundred overnight. When an idea of a possible new decoration hits me, it hits me. I go ALL OUT. You shall see in a bit I promise you. Now just because I went all out doesn’t mean you have too. Do what feels right- and appropriate for your work space- and within your budget, don’t break the bank for your space. Maybe start with some favorite pictures or a personalized calendar. If you don’t have the means then that’s OK. I’ll let you in on my little secret of the places to go to find affordable things for your space. But first, let me show off my space because you know…. I’m awesome and it’s awesome.

Since I’m so extra, when I decorate I go all out. What I mean about that is I pick a theme and a color pallet and build everything off that and go HAM. For this space I knew I wanted color, it was going to be the Spring Solstice when I was doing all this 20180213_100915change, so I wanted something to match that feeling and bring life to my cubicle. I already had a pink floral mouse pad that I slipped from my sister and kind of used that as my foundation. One weekend I stopped at my crack stores- Target, Ross, and Marshalls- and binged. Any shopaholic will nod their heads in agreement when I say, once you’re in-you’re in and you can’t NOT buy anything. I had to get my fix- scratches arm-. I digress. My first stop was Target and I purchased the white and gold jar and water color crystal picture.  The plan started to form in my mind of how I wanted everything to go, the picture became clear. Which honestly surprised me, I 20180213_094648_Burst01don’t normally gravitate to gold- color yes- but never gold accents. I normally go for either silver or a copper, but something deep within me went all Golem when I picked up the white jar with the golden heart lid. I clutched that jar to my chest and kept walking around and stumbled upon the picture and instantly I was sold and snatched it off the shelf. It was colorful, had crystals, AND it was accented in gold. SOLD. With that in hand I went to the checkout- I lie I had other stuff in my cart like everyone does when shopping at Target- and payed for my things. Now I knew beforehand that I couldn’t get a lot from Target for two reasons: one, Target isn’t cheap and Two, I didn’t want to make my space a carbon cut out from a Target add- no judgement from me if you want that, I just didn’t- so with that I went to my next stores.

Marshall’s and Ross where side by side and I hopped from one store to the next. At Ross I stumbled upon the white vase with gold top in the home décor section of the store. I like to think that the vase magically appeared in my hands and that I didn’t go a little crazy and snatched that baby right off the shelf. Any avid Ross shopper will tell you there are good days at Ross, and there are bad days at Ross. I was stuck in the middle, there were plenty of other awesome stuff that I could spend all my hard earn money on, but I resisted and just got the vase. Nothing else was really fitting into with the picture I had in my head, plus at the time I only had a small space to work with and didn’t want to20180213_094518 be over crowded with decoration. So, I bee-bopped my way next door to Marshall’s. The only thing I found at Marshalls was a really cute spring themed mug with a motivational saying on it. It was perfect, I still had my Christmas/holiday motivational mug from last year and was looking for a new one to have at the office. Nothing else really jumped at me when I was at the store-plus my bank account was screaming to stop as well-, so I left and was able to piece together the few items I did buy with what Ialready had -cough- hoarded -cough- in my apartment.

Like I’ve said before, I like to decorate my room, a lot, and that’s led me to have a few items that I’ve been able to swap back and forth throughout the years. I knew if I 20180213_095236needed to add anything then I would most like find it within my own room. That Monday I brought all the stuff that I bought for my cubicle to work and started to fix up my space. Right away I noticed that everything was one note.  There was no depth or dimension to the decoration to make it really stand out. Since the only thing that had height to it was the vase, everything was left at one level and that really bothered me. It felt boring and incomplete. So, I went to the best store ever, my room! I searched through all my stuff that I’ve collected throughout the years and was able to piece together the finished product! I had a decent sized dark blue crush velvet box that I used to elevate the vase, that I then filled with false flower from my flower bag. I tried to pick simple yet colorful flowers that not only matched the pop of color from the picture I bought, but would also add more height to eliminate the negative space i had. To add to the theme, I picked some crystals out from my crystal box along with a nice small glass plate to display them. The final touch was a gift from my abuela, a purple and gold bracelet with a gold Hamsa charm on it.  It felt so satisfying to see the end product on my desk. I could not stop staring at it for the whole day.


Now since it almost been a whole year since I’ve started this post –  I honestly completely forgot I had a blog for a while- I’ve changed up the decoration a total of three times. One for Summer, one for Lughnasadh, and the most recent one for Autumn. Typically, when I change my personal space it usually coincides with a Solstice or an Equinox. I like to change along with the passing of the seasons, it grounds me and makes me feel more connected with the earth. Most recently I was getting restless with my latest décor both in my room and in my work place. Since it was nearing the official day of Autumn- September 22- I decided to set up my personal space to reflect the oncoming change, and boy did it really help ease the tension and itch. The next part of this post will be very conceded photos of my space and where I found each item and why I arranged them the way I did.


The above photo is of my summer decoration. The major changes are the flowers and the bag. I was temporary moved from my cubicle to a desk that had a lot of natural light coming through the large window, so I wanted something to add to that bright vibe. During this time succulents were all the rage and I was lucky enough to find a pre-bundled arrangement from Michael’s for only $5. The pink roses and light green succulents matched my color scheme nicely and helped fill the space. Now, as for the bag it was a gift from a family friend for my birthday. So again this is key to affordable decor; use what you already have instead of purchasing new items. I filled the bad with day to day necessities such as band-aids, floss, pads and tampons, and a hair clip. If you were to use a decorative bag you don’t necessarily have to fill it. A good trick to keep the bag looking plump and in place is to take left over wrapping paper or packaging paper and stuff the bag. This gives the illusion of a filled bag.

I was once again moved to my cubicle where my summer arrangement was easily phototransferable to the new space. After a while this arrangement started to feel to summery for me. The season was changing- well not so much here everlasting summer state that is Florida- and I was craving something new. I wanted a total make over but was tight on cash at the same time. I didn’t get the chance to go to Ross or Marshall for small nick-nacks, instead I bought 2 things out of the whole arrangement- both at Target-. The Viva la Vida mug and the craft pumpkin. Everything else I dug up form my room. My main attraction or focal point for this space was the colors. I wanted warm autumn colors. I needed my space to breath fall, so that every time I looked at it I was transported to a crisp Autumn day. Once again I used taller flowers to get rid of that negative space. I picked a base of simple yellow toned flowers and pom-poms and added two pops pf color, a deep red and a deep purple along with some fake harvest grain stocks to signify the season. The Pumpkin was $3 from Target and added just the right amount of copper to the ensemble. I wanted something simple enough that it would easily transition to Halloween when the time came. Now as for the mug, I was getting tired of using my cup of cheer one and found this lovely one at – you guessed it it- Target for $6. What drew me to the much was its simple design. The gold lettering matched the underlying theme on the vase and my other much, as well as the colors on the flowers being cohesive with everything else.  For the final touch I threw in some pine cones and swapped out my crystals, and there we have it! my most recent personal space.20180919_094547

So let’s recap shall we. You can develop and decorate your personal space to your enjoyment – as long as it follows your companies protocols- . Remember, you don’t have to spend so much money, try looking through your own things first before whipping out the wallet. If you do have to or want to buy new things, than try these money saving stores first.

  • Ross
  • Marshall’s
  • Walmart
  • The Dollar Tree
  • Target (in moderation)
  • Michael’s
  • Hobby Lobby

Don’t forget to check out your local Goodwill and Thrift stores for extra savings and unique items!

PRO TIP: Try shopping for seasonal items right after the holiday or even has passed. Stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby drastically discount their holiday items once the day has passed and even sometimes the day of. If by chance you missed the sale than don’t worry. Hobby Lobby has a 40% coupon on one regular priced item available online, just go to their website at and follow the prompt for a printable version of the coupon. Michaels also offer a wide range of coupons available on their site, again go to and go the the coupon link to view all the available discounts, just make sure to read the fine print.

There we go! I hope you enjoyed my little guide to making a space your own. I would love to see what you have done to your own personal space. So leave a comment below and make sure to tag me @carolleevana on Instagram and #leevanasyourspace so I can see all your guys Inspirations!

Till next time! ….. hopefully it wont be as long as this one.



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