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9 to 5 (or in my case 9-6) desk jobs can be long and boring as hell. Some days I feel like a zombie… a zombie that is slowly devouring its own brain. Spotify and Pandora can only do so much, after a while I just zone out the music and forget i’m even listening to anything at all; Other times I just can’t seem to find the right song list. Youtube can, at times, help but its not the best work ethic to be staring at your phone watching van life videos when you boss walks past your desk. So what’s left? well there is this little thing called Podcast’s. If you don’t know what that is, well then Hi! and if you already know what it is, I hope my list can help you find something interesting to listen to.

The way I would describe a Podcast is: An audio blog that is the love child of youtube and radio.

I discovered Podcast almost 2 years ago, and I can’t really recall as to how I found out about it. But! I am so glad I did. There is such a wide genre to listen to and pick from, that I have a fun time just browsing the digital isles for what ever fits my mood.

The types of Podcast I listen to the most are True Crime, Fiction( The ones I listed are all original stories that have voice actors playing each characters part, almost like a movie or a show), and Scary Tales, although, I do have some more personal interest ones that I tap into every now and again.

Here is my list of Podcast you should check out, in no particular order of preference.

True Crime:




Scary Tales:

  • CHILLING TALES For Dark Nights

Personal Interests:

  • SCIENCE VS (by Gimlet)
  • Evidence Based Birth

I hope to find more Podcast, since some of my main ones are in between series or are on a hiatus. Give a shout out to any of your favorite Podcast in the comments and I may check them out for myself.



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